Why Use MyShortCut

We give you the fastest and easiest mobile tool to take payments from your customers. We can get you up and running today. No set up fees, no card machines to rent. Just a card processing fee of 2.5% + 20p per transaction.

Once registered you can take a payment on your phone or tablet immediately or you can email a payment link with a total amount required from your customer, who can then pay by card on their phone, tablet or PC.

We make it as simple and as fast as possible:

  • No invoice templates or PDFs to mess up
  • No hidden fees or contracts
  • You can send unlimited number of payments by link or by quick pay
  • One rate of 2.5% + 20p
  • Your customer are never charged a fee
  • You get paid quickly so you can spend more time working and less time chasing payments!


Card machines are dead. Using MyShortCut means:

  • No card machines to rent each month
  • No set up or payment gateway fees to pay
  • No need to wait weeks for a merchant number from your bank
  • No 12 month contract


  • £20-£30 per month on a minimum 12 month contract
  • £3.50 per month for PCI Compliance
  • 10p – 20p Authorisation fee per transaction
  • £100 Set up fee including merchant number
  • 1.1% - 2.75% Card processing fees depending on volume of use (higher rate for low card volumes)


Paypal do not have a Quick Pay feature but they do offer an invoice pay by link service, similar to ours. But it is more expensive:

  • 3.4% + 20p per transaction


These typically happen with online retailers who are selling goods through websites. As you are dealing with your customers face to face, hopefully you will not encounter too many instances of fraud. All the information about how disputes and fraud are handled, can be found in out Disputes and Fraud Guide